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How Potencialex fights Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to the fact that a man does not get a penis stiff enough or at all for a long period of time, to have sexual intercourse. Find out here what causes erectile dysfunction and what can be done about it.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

While erectile dysfunction in older men is associated with comorbidities (coexistence of several diseases with mutual influence), it often results from psychological circumstances in
younger men, it often results from psychological circumstances. However, this is not a reason to directly rule out physical causes of erectile dysfunction – these should also be considered and should also be considered and investigated.

Erectile dysfunction means that a man does not get a (sufficiently) stiff penis or the erection does not last long enough to perform sexual intercourse.
Doctors also refer to erectile dysfunction as erectile dysfunction, colloquially it is also called impotence.

Unlike occasional erectile problems, pathological erectile dysfunction persists over a longer period of time; more specifically, the man is erect for six
To be more precise, the man is unable to achieve a sufficient erection for six months or longer in about 70 percent of cases.

A psychologically caused erectile dysfunction can be inquired by specific questions in the doctor-patient conversation. If an erection is possible with masturbation and not possible with
sexual intercourse is not possible, the cause of erectile dysfunction probably involves a psychological component. However, if an erection is not achievable during masturbation
masturbation, it is more likely that the cause is physical.

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Erectile dysfunction – what to do?

How to cure erectile dysfunction depends on what triggered it. That’s why home remedies can contribute to the treatment of erectile dysfunction as much as as well as medical methods.

However, if you have erection problems, you can do something else yourself than hope for the effect of home remedies: Since lifestyle also influences, Since lifestyle also influences whether and how well the penis stiffens, it is also a (supportive) way to remedy or alleviate erectile dysfunction, for example:

Eat healthy: According to studies, erectile dysfunction occurs less often with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Also nuts, fish and foods with flavonoids (plant pigments that have a cell-protecting effect) such as cocoa, coffee or dark chocolate are also thought to help erectile function.
And: Do not smoke and drink only little alcohol!

Get enough sleep: Those who sleep too little or too irregularly have an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. The lack of sleep upsets the processes in the body become confused. This sometimes makes it more likely to develop not only erection problems, but also high blood pressure or diabetes.

Reduce stress: Psychological stress, tension and also depression make erectile dysfunction more likely. A possible reason is that chronic stress has an effect on the testosterone production and sleep quality.

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